PX3 Antenna

(for 2m with bandwidth from 143MHz to 147MHz)

PX2, PX4, PX5, PX6, PXN also included

PX3 Antenna - Specifications

- Omnidirectional
- Vertically Polarised
- High gain 8+dBi
- Low maximum radiation angle
- Low weight <260Gms (SOTA version)
- 143Mhz to 147MHz with VSWR <1.5

PX3 Antenna - Main benefits

- High gain, low radiation angle both in TX and RX operation
- Low weight (pole excluded) just 260g or less
- Cheap to build (£15/$20)
- Deploys quickly. Once tuned doesn’t need SWR meter in the field
- Allows for greater SOTA reach on 2m compared to many SOTA 2m antennas on the market

PX3 Antenna - Disadvantages / Limitations

- QSO pile up. As it’s radiating in all directions it’s very likely you’ll need to manage many stations after making a CQ SOTA call when in populated areas.

PS3 SOTA antenna for 2m - rolled up ready for SOTA backpack

This is the PX3 2m antenna, rolled up, and ready to go in my SOTA pack. It measure approximately 3.5m when laid out and weight less than 260 grams!

PS3 SOTA antenna erected at a SOTA summit

Here is the PX3 antenna at G/SP-008 (Boulsworth Hill - Lad Law). It's mounted on a fiberglass pole

The PX3 is an ideal construction project for many local radio clubs. Why not make one yourself?

SOTA - Summits On The Air

What is SOTA?
We'll be updating this over the next few weeks.

SOTA - Activators / Chasers & SW

To be updated
view from Ingleborough (G/NP-005) during an inversion

Amazing Views

Some days you're out and the weather is challenging.
But other days you go out and the views can be breath-taking!

Gallery to follow

Download the PX3 Antenna PDF manual here

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